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Aaron Jetelina

I've been photographing dance portraits and action recital photography for the past decade and loving every minute of it. I believe when you have the right processes in place you make the life of the parents and studio a lot easier.  I also consider paying attention to details and proper posing to be critical when photographing dance.

Creator of quick reference guide to dance poses

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Company Highlights

Our ability to work well with dancers of all ages along with top notch customer service, high quality images, and efficiency has made us one of the most sought after dance photographers in Texas. Whether you’re needing a photographer for your spring portraits or action recital photography Aaron and his team have the expertise and skill to make the life of the studio director and parents hassle free, while capturing those precious memories.

  • No session fees
  • Instant viewing stations so parents can view their images right after portrait session
  • Unique items for the studio and parents
  • Experienced professional photographers
  • Multiple portrait stations
  • Orders shipped directly to parents
  • 2 week turnaround on orders
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Million dollar liability insurance policy
  • Background checks on all employees
  • Multiple services offered (spring studio portraits | group portraits | company dancer portraits | staff headshots | action recital photography | elite portrait session)

We specialize in dance photography and understanding all the details such as lighting, proper dance poses, the process and procedures that it takes to make it hassle free for both the studio director and parents, and the right policies to maintain high customer service.


We travel all over Texas working with studios of all sizes


What studios have to say....

colleen copycolleen copy When Aaron first approached me about his instant viewing stations I was a little hesitant sense this was something new to me. After seeing it in action and talking with my parents, they LOVED it. The fact that they were able to see there images right after there portraits was amazing. Aaron definitely approaches dance portraits in a unique way that works both for me as the director and the parents. (Colleen - Lets Dance)

joysjoys The one thing I absolutely love about Aaron is his customer service. I still can't believe that all my parents receive there pictures within 2 weeks in the mail. I don't have to hand out orders or answer any questions. He takes care of everything. All my parents rave about how professional he is and how amazing the photos are. I would highly recommend his services. (Natalie - Joys School of Dance)

Studios who trust us

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Benefits for Studio and Director

High Resolution Digital Images
We understand that images play a vital role in helping a business stand out. Having professional images at your disposal for your marketing needs is a great way to catch people’s attention. No cost to the studio

Instructor portrait packages lets dance posterlets dance poster
If you have any instructors who have children in your studio, we provide a package for them. No cost to the studio or instructor

We are open to suggestions
We are always open to new ideas about different products and services we can offer dance studios at no cost to them.

Instructor Portraits
If you have instructors or employees and would like professional portraits for your website or marketing materials we provide them at no cost and are taken on portrait day.

Group Portrait Prints
If classes are photographed we provide 5×7 prints of every group photographed. No cost to the studio

Large Poster Collage
A poster collage will be provided with every dancer who was photographed on portrait day. This is a great way of showing off your dancers by hanging it up in your studio. No cost to the studio

Fundraising Opportunities
We provide fundraising opportunities (commission) off the sales of the portraits if the studio does not want any of the free products or services that we offer.
We are open to discussion on the percentage. On average the rate is 15% but the studio can choose whatever percent they would like or you can choose a flat dollar amount per child photographed.

Session Fee – We do not charge any fees to the studio or a session fee to the parents


Multiple Portrait Options

At the dance studio IMG_1305IMG_1305
We have the ability to photograph your dancers conveniently at your dance studio. Our instant viewing stations allow parents to view and order directly after their child's portraits. Its convenient, easy to use, and our sales staff will be available to help out with any questions. 

We believe in providing multiple pose options for parents to choose from. We don't want to just give parents one option but many to choose from. We have the knowledge and expertise in properly posing dancers of all ages. 

There are many ways in setting up portrait day at your studio whether having a sign up sheet with block times or scheduling the entire class to come in during a specific time to have both there class portraits and individual portraits photographed.

During Dress Rehearsal
We have the ability to photograph your entire dance studio during dress rehearsal. We are known for efficiency and our process does not interfere with your rehearsal schedule.  It is very hands off for the director and convenient for the dancers who are already dressed and ready to rehearse. 

Depending on the size of your studio, we have the ability to have multiple portrait stations and photographers.